CAD/BIM Design data exchange couldn’t Get Much Easier

CAD/BIM Design data exchange couldn’t Get Much Easier

If the thought of bringing your mechanical models to BIM make you sweat? Worried that you are going to recreate the model in BIM? If you want to save your design time & cost, you will rejoice using BIMDeX, a conversion tool that is so easy to use even for beginners in designing. You don’t have to be a design expert to create complex designs in BIM now.

The procedure is this simple:

  • You install BIMDeX in the CAD/ BIM environment you want to do your conversion.
  • Tell BIMDeX how exactly you want your geometry in BIM.
  • You export your model to BXF file which takes all your design data information
  • You import your BXF file in BIM to create a native BIM file.
  • Your model is recreated in BIM seamlessly with no loss in design data
  • Get your design time & effort reduced by more than 80%

No ten-thousand-dollar program to buy and weeks to learn it. No imported geometry or dummy model in result. No technical questions that remind you that you should have listened and retained more from the tutorials.

Test try with your model.

Still doubtful on whether it can handle your complex models? Contact BIMDeX and get a free web-demo training and trial of the product. The trial is limited to 7 days and 7 conversions which allows to evaluate your models for BIM conversion.

Conversion possibilities.

BIMDeX helps you to export from SolidWorks/ Creo/ Inventor to Revit and also the Interoperable. Below are the available products from BIMDeX for Revit conversion.

  • SolidWorks to Revit Exporter
  • Creo to Revit Exporter
  • Inventor to Revit Exporter
  • Sketchup to Revit Exporter
  • Rhino to Revit Exporter

So, why wait now? Contact BIMDeX to address your requirement in exchanging models between various CAD and BIM Softwares

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