SolidWorks to SketchUp Exporter Product Features and Functionalities

Product Features and Functionalities for SolidWorks to SketchUp Exporter FAQ

What is Debug Log?
What is Error Log?
Where to find the Debug log?
Where to find the Error Log?
How to make sure that the ignored part/Sub-assembly are not getting exported?
Why am I getting “export has failed” message?
What will happen if I filter components by View?
Why the screen is getting maximized when I navigate from basic settings to Advance settings?
How to view the preview of the selected components before export?
Does the changes made in “Advance settings” gets reflected in “Basic settings”?
How to ignore part/sub-assembly instances?
How to include a component/Sub-assembly Instances in preview?
How to exclude a component/Sub-assembly in preview?
What happens when I cancel the Export?
Does the Export report contain the list of deleted components?
Where to find the Export CSV file path?
Is it possible to edit the model when the BIMDeX Exporter is running?
How to filter the components in advance settings?
It is seen some of the not viewable components in Include by view are getting exported?
Why the Assembly colors are not getting imported?
How to export a particular configuration in Assembly?
Why the SolidWorks gets crashed if I close the model when the exporter is running?
Is it possible to export the multiple configurations in single export?
Why customization options are disabled for Part Export?
How to import the bxf into SketchUp?
How does the import type work?
Does SolidWorks Properties will get imported in SketchUp?
What is the maximum file size which can be exported?
What does the Exclude Materials option do?
What does the Ignore Hierarchy Grouping option do?
If I export a large model, my system is crashing. Is there any solution for this?
Exporting model consumes more time. Is there a solution for exporting model in lesser time?
What are the ways to reduce the file size?