Revit to Sketchup Exporter Product Features and Functionalities

Product Features and Functionalities FAQ for Revit to Sketchup Exporter 

What is Debug Log?
What is Error Log?
Where to find the Debug log?
Where to find the Error Log?
Can we export Revit link files?
Can we export multiple link files in a single export from Revit?
Can we export 2D geometry?
What will happen if element visibility is different in Family & Project?
Do the applied materials will get exported?
Does the appearance of system family and in-place family can be exported from Revit?
While exporting a model from Revit, the material is not getting exported correctly?
Does the applied face color (paint) will get exported?
Will type and instance properties can be obtained after exported from Revit?
While exporting for the DWG file, material is not getting exported?
How to export In-Session view from Revit?
What happens when we select the “all parameter” option in the parameters?
How to include the shared parameters associated with the current model?
Can we exclude parameters manually?
How to exclude empty parameters?
How to exclude the imported instances from the model?
What is Import instances?
How to exclude Revit link files?
What all Revit link files will be excluded using Exclude Revit Links option?
Can we exclude only Revit file and include IFC files will exporting or vice versa?
What is the grouping function do?
What does Group by Category do?
What is “then by Family Type” does?
How to enable grouping option?
How Hierarchy will get exported from Revit?
Does grouping affect the import type?
How to import the bxf into SketchUp?
What is import type and what does it do?
How to check Properties in SketchUp?
What is the maximum file size which can be exported?
If I export a large model, my system is crashing. Is there any solution for this?
For a system having low configuration (less than equals to 16 GB of RAM), we recommend users to split bigger models into smaller segments and export accordingly.
What are the ways to reduce the file size?