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Export Revit Families from SolidWorks

Hello all, i have been facing issue when i bring my SW assemblies to Revit. when i use the usual .sat export, the results that i get inside Revit are really not up to the mark. Some phases are tessellated and has missing parts and improper geometries. So my question is, does the BIMDeX SolidWorks to Revit Exporter does this? Would it give me better native Revit Families. This is a priority in my company as we have many incoming client's requesting for Revit files for the projects. Kindly assist me on this query. Thanks, Sujan.




Hi Sujan,

Try purchasing the SolidWorks to Revit Exporter Professional Version. With the BIMDeX product you wont be facing any missing parts or geometries. It would convert your SolidWorks parts and assemblies to native Revit families. You can get a trial version by approaching their Sales team and see if it is matching your expectations.

Hey Gary,

Thanks for suggesting this. I guess i would be happy to try out this product. Thanks!!