Mapping Inventor components to IFC Category

Mapping Inventor components to IFC Category

  • Using this option user will be able to customize the IFC categories according to the requirements. Customize IFC categoryis used for applying IFC Categories for Part components as shown in the dialogue below.

Note: – Assign IFC category UI will list only parts not their instances.

Manage Group

Manage Group option in the Customize IFC categoryUI is used to create a group for “Part” components based on the part name or parameter value.

For example: If a user needs to filter parts based on their name and parameter description, a new group can be created along with the filter. The assembly file contains numerous part files, among which the user has to filter parts named as Part and parameter Author value as Rev.

Component grouping UI

The Component grouping UI has the following options,

Save Settings

Rule Editor

The following needs to be followed,

  • Create a new group
  • In the newly created group, select Type as Component, Subtype as Part and enter the value Part in the value text box
  • In the Value, column user can enter the whole value or part of the value with a (*) suffix. For example, if the value is Part, the user can either enter Part as value or give Pa* in the value textbox.
  • Use the next row to create another rule
  • Select Type as Parameter, Subtype as Author and enter the value Rev in the value text box
  • Click the Save button to save the group. The customized group will be saved. After the group is saved, click the Create button to create another group with the following conditions in the rule editor.

Rule Editor: Rule Editor is used to filtering the parts based on components and parameters.

Add Row (+): Add Row (+) is used to add a new row in the Rule Editor table.

Delete Row (-): Delete Row (-) is used to delete a row in the Rule Editor table.

Type: The user can define the type of part in this column. The user can select the Component or Parameter from the drop down to create a rule with Part name or Parameter.

Sub Type: The user can define the subtype of the part for which the user is trying to define the rule. For example, select the Part option from the Subtype dropdown for Type Component and select the Material option for Type Parameter.

Value: The user can enter the value in the value text box, it is used to filter parts with a part name or parameter value.

Delete: The user can delete the selected row from the rule by clicking on the Delete cell.

                                             Save Settings

Group dropdown: The user can select the group from the Group dropdown as shown above.

New: The user can create a unique name as a group name with an overwrite Existing option to Save or Save as a group.

Enter a name in which you want to create a new group. To overwrite an existing group, click the Overwrite Existing checkbox

Save: Click the save button to save the group name

Edit: Click the Edit button to edit the selected group from the group dropdown.

Delete: The delete option is used to delete a group from the Group dropdown and Rule Editor

NOTE: Assign IFC category will list only the default BIM categories.

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