Inventor to Revit Exporter Installation and Activation

Inventor to Revit Exporter Installation and Activation

Installation procedure

Step 1: After receiving the respective installers for both the Exporter and importer of the product, kindly go ahead and install the plugins.

Step 2: Click the setup.exe file which is enclosed in both the plugin folders.

Step 3: Follow the basic installation process that leads you to the product installation in both Inventor and Revit.

For more and brief instructions on the installation procedure, click here to know.

NOTE: The BIMDeX Inventor Exporter and the Revit Importer will get added to both the softwares automatically on successful installation.

Activation Procedure

As mentioned earlier, later successful installations the BIMDeX Exporter & Importer gets added in Inventor and Revit respectfully.

  • To start with, click on the BIMDeX Exporter plugin and then the About icon which will lead you to information window consisting of the company name and other needful information.

  • The above two figures depicts the dialogue boxes later clicking the about icon from the exporter plugin.
  • Then click Show License button which will take you to the next window having the required license information.
  • Now, click on the Request License button from the license information window.

Request for License

  • After clicking the Request License button you’ll be shown the window having the required license information.
  • There are two way the user can send the license information to the BIMDeX team.
  • Either you may just copy the content by clicking Copy Content button and send us through.
  • Or click the Email button which would direct you to the external mail application automatically.
  • Now send the code to activation@bim-dex.com accordingly.

The above window depicts the License information, or the content needed for the BIMDeX team to generate the respective License Keys which will help the user to activate the product later.

Activate the License

Now, you would receive the respective license keys for the product from the BIMDeX team. You just need to load the keys accordingly and get the product activated successfully.

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