Getting Started with Inventor to Revit Exporter

Getting Started with Inventor to Revit Exporter

What is Inventor to Revit Exporter?

Next to SolidWorks to Revit Exporter this is the next preferred BIMDeX product in the market and stands up to its name due to its unique features and functionalities.

Inventor to Revit Exporter is a data exchange tool to export your Inventor 3d model to Revit with all metadata and geometry maintained, the results and output the product gives are accurate and are perfect market standards.

To be precise, you can export your Inventor model to Revit Families/ Projects.

There will be no loss in geometry or any other meta data, all the associated properties would be brought in and as well as the RGB colors.

How it stands out from other products

You can export based on your desired configuration and coordinate system to match your customer’s Revit project coordinates.

You can choose only the custom and configuration specific properties you want to share and protect your proprietary information as well.

You can obtain non-triangulated solid geometry and Instantiate your parts and maintain the hierarchy inside Revit.

You will be able to transfer all colors and properties and Import the models in your custom Revit template.

You will be able to assign individual Revit categories to your parts with the help of the category mapping option.

You can simplify your models with the user-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike.

Software installation prerequisites

As we all know, the product comes as package of two plugins that is to be used installed in both Inventor and Revit respectively.

That is, you need to have both Inventor and Revit in order to use the plugin efficiently.

There will be two plugins, one being the SolidWorks Exporter and the another being Revit Importer. The supported versions are; Inventor: 2016-2020 Revit: 2016-2020.

How it works?

It is a very simple 2 step process wherein you’ll be first exporting your SolidWorks model (.IPRT & .IASM) using the Inventor Exporter plugin into the BXF file.

This BXF file format is the proprietary file format developed via BIMDeX. This exported BXF file will carry all the design data information.

This will then be imported inside Revit using the Revit Importer plugin which will give you the native Revit file (.RFA & .RVT) as per your needs.

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