Export Inventor model to revit based on LOD

Export Inventor model to revit based on LOD

This is one of the major features that is provided via the BIMDeX tool which helps the user to exclude the parts that isint neccesary inside Revit.

  • The above images depicts the two created options that shows in the drop down of the select LOD feature.
  • First is the without roller option, wherein the roller would be neglected and exported accordingly.
  • Second is the complete unit option, wherein the whole unit would get exported as it is without any changes inside Revit.
  • This feature would be a major help for designers/architects to remove the unwanted parts or assemblies which are more complicated.
  • This would also increase the speed of export at an exponential level since removing such complicated or heavy detailes components would take much time to export than a simple model.

The above image depicts the output in Revit as when the LOD feature is used, this is how the model will be exported to Revit from Inventor.

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