Export Inventor model to IFC based on Co-ordinate System

Export Inventor model to IFC based on Co-ordinate System

By clicking on the dropdown list the select required coordinate system from the world coordinate system or the user coordinate system from which the model to be exported.

Figure 8

  • Same as Solidworks, Creo also has a functionality within the software to create multiple coordinate systems within the model as per requirement.
  • Coordinate system option in Exporter will list all created coordinate system within the model in respective dropdown.
  • User will have provision to export model based on selected coordinate system from the list.
  • I.e. when user Export based on selected Coordinate system and then import using importer in respective software then Model will get oriented in X, Y & Z accordingly.
  • For Ex: if user having lighting component from Creo & wants to orient in downward direction in Revit then user can create coordinate system in Creo accordingly & exported based on that, model will get oriented in Revit accordingly after import.

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