Exclude Components option in Creo Exporter

Exclude Components option in Creo Exporter

Exclude Components

Exclude Components having provision to exclude following,

  • Ignore Pattern Parts
  • Ignore Pattern Subassemblies
  • Ignore Hidden components

Ignore Pattern Parts:

  • On selecting the Ignore pattern part, all the pattern of part components (all levels) in the model will be excluded while exporting as IFC file.

Ignore Pattern Subassemblies:

  • Ignore pattern Subassemblyoption will help the user to ignore exporting of the entire pattern of subassemblies component (all levels) in the model as IFC file.

Ignore Hidden components:

  • User can hide any components within model using default functionality in Creo to hide elements.

All components which set as Hidden in the model can be excluded for the export using Ignore Hidden components functionality.    Note: – While Ignoring patterns of parts/subassemblies, only patterns (instances) will get ignored but parent component will be exported.

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