Exclude components option in BIMDeX Creo Exporter

Exclude components option in BIMDeX Creo Exporter

  1. How to Exclude Components?

         Exclude Components having provision to exclude following,

  • Ignore internal components
  • Ignore Hidden components
  1. Ignore internal components:
  2. Exporter tool will consider all assigned components under shrink-wrap functionality as internal components.
  3. And using Ignore internal components functionality, user can exclude those components from the export.
  • Ignore Hidden components:
  • User can hide any components within model using default functionality in Creo to hide elements.
  • All components which set as Hidden in the model can be excluded for the export using Ignore Hidden components functionality.

About Shrink-wrap:

  • A “shrink-wrap” collects and copies surface data from an assembly into a single, lightweight feature. With shrink wrap features, much of the internal detail is excluded, so you can also use it to protect your intellectual property when you share an assembly.
  • Shrink-wrapped features provide one way to make large assemblies more manageable.
  • Also, user can save their model using shrink-wrap option in “save as” to make model light weight & exclude most of intricate details

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